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Aik Cheong Black Drip Series (10g x 10 sachets) - Colombia Medellin (Bright + Rich)

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Product Details
Understanding your need of personal time and space amid work chaos and responsibilities,
our Drip series is here to satisfy your coffee bug, without the fuss of owning a machine or
even storing coffee beans. This relieves your mind to enjoy your coffee while indulging in a
time of uninterrupted bliss and reflection. Consumers are spoilt for choice with the diverse
range to suit discerning drinkers. Each product features a unique and significant
characteristic, second to none. Enjoy the convenience of sipping freshly roasted coffee
anywhere, and anytime without compromising on individual quality and characteristics. Let
us journey with you to experience and savour the joy of indulging into your favourite freshly
brewed cuppa in the comfort of your own space.
You must be nuts! Yes, our handsome and strong bodied features will make you fall head
over heels with your daily cuppa again, and again. Let us brighten your smile and warm your
heart with our intense aroma to appreciate your well deserved nutty perks. We will keep you
hooked on its irresistible sweet and nutty offerings.


Medellin hails from the cool highlands of the “City of Eternal Spring” in Colombia. Adopted
into the Arabica family, our bold, nutty and medium acidic nature will awaken you morning by
morning, adding a strong aromatic cocoa flavour to your cuppa. You can count on us to be
your constant companion, holding your hands tightly into your kitchen, workplace or even
through your life’s darkest moments.
During your topsy-turvy moments, we will keep you well balanced and in control of the
situation. Nothing beats the utter smoothness lingering in your taste buds, adding a natural
mood booster to be enjoyed anytime of the day. We take pride in producing prime quality
crops which is consistent and appeals to coffee lovers like you from all over the world. So
let’s take a breather and enjoy it while the heat is on.

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