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AIK CHEONG IT'S Cup 41g - Flat White

The morning traffic beckons as you wade through the rush hour jam with bleary eyes, a dry mouth, and a growling stomach. You constantly battle between waking up early for breakfast and just grabbing a quick bite somewhere before starting work. Start your day with IT’S Flat White Extra Shot for your daily caffeine fix. All the important goodness that makes a good Flat White are packed conveniently into separate packages to ensure long lasting freshness. Just by adding hot water, you get to enjoy a cup of hot Flat White anytime and anywhere, no matter having breakfast with friends or grabbing something to sip on on the way to work.
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Product Details
Looking to grab a quick drink but bored of all the usual flavors? Reward yourself with a little pick-me-up from Aik Cheong’s new line of drinks — IT’S by Aik Cheong. Packaged in convenient hand-held cups for ease of transport, you can improve your productivity and achieve greater feats with the new improved formula. The best part is, they come in refreshing new flavors!

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