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Alwafi Premium Black Seed Honey 225g - Libya

  • Useful for cough & chest diseases.
  • Strengthens heart, purifies blood and activates liver.
  • Useful for growth of children and increases immunity.
  • Diuretic and cleans urinary system.
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Product Details

Blackseed honey is delicious and unique. This honey has been imported from Middle East, a land with rich soil and warm climate and Bee keepers who stick with time honored traditions of bee keeping. They do not feed their bees a sugary substance nor do they heat or filter the honey when extracting. The uniqueness of this honey is that the bees pollinate the black seed (Nigella Sativa) flowers. This honey has neither black seed powder nor black seed oil added. You will easily taste the black seed through scent and aroma. Black seed is known for its ability to increase one's immune system and great for treating colds and coughs. Enjoy this honey by the spoonful or in one of our delicious loose leaf herbal teas.


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