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Amazin' Graze Peanut Butter 350g - Honestly Smooth

Amazin' Graze Peanut Butter 350g - Honestly Smooth

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Lightly roasted Argentinian Hi-Oleic peanuts, blended into smooth butter. No sugar, no salt, no oil.

Hi-Oleic peanuts are a unique variety of peanuts that are higher in quality in terms of nutrients, taste and fragrance. Basically, peanut royalty. There are only a few places that cultivate this variety and ours are sourced from Argentina!

Healthier than their non-oleic counterparts, it is high in oleic fatty acids which are the good fats found in olive oil and avocados that supports the maintenance of normal cholesterol levels in your body, which helps lower risks of cardiovascular diseases.

Flavour-wise, Hi-Oleic peanuts taste better as it is naturally sweeter and has a nuttier fragrance. It's also more stable than regular peanuts with a longer shelf life. This makes our Peanut Butters deliciously natural, without the need for flavouring and preservative.


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