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BIGbox ASIA Pasta Bundle

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Brand BIGbox Asia
Product Details

Did you know that pasta is a low glycemic index (GI) source, which means it takes more time to be digested, helping us feel fuller longer? Eating pasta provides carbohydrates that are the main source of energy for our body, especially if you're taking part in any physical activity. Exclusive on BIGbox Asia, we bring you the joy and satisfaction of the PASTA BUNDLE. Enjoy a satiating serving of SAN REMO BROWN RICE PENNE, delight in the creaminess of the SAN REMO ALFREDO PASTA SAUCE and live it up with the FILIPPO BERIO EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL.


Order now as a well-deserved treat for yourself or share this BUNDLE OF JOY by sending it to your friend or family.


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