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[CLEARANCE] Buttermere Luxury Dairy Spread / Lepa Tenusu 1kg (EXP - 31/Dec/2022)

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Merico brand product call “Buttermere” and certified Halal product.  It is plant-based nutrition. Merico believes in the power of plant-based diets, because they tend to be rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals that help lower blood pressure and LDL (bad) cholesterol, reduce the risk of diabetes, and help maintain a healthy weight. With our extensive knowledge, we are leading in this new era focused on more natural ingredients and processes that deliver healthier products that are great tasting and have superior quality.

Buttermere blends nutritious palm oils to offer a range of spreads that give you and your family all the benefits of plant goodness with the taste people love. This also make Buttermere spreads rich in omega 3 and at least 60% lower in saturated fat than butter.  Not to forget it is transfat free and longer lasting.


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