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Chiang Rai Sambal Garing Extra Ikan Bilis 120g

Sambal Garing Chiang Rai is a locally produced product with the idea of Ready To Eat food. Sambal ikan bilis of different types has been our popular dish wherever we are. The lightweight ziplock type of packaging is very safe and easy to carry. It originates in Chiang Rai, Thailand as a traditional recipe and produced by an SME factory in Baling, Kedah.

Sambal Garing Chiang Rai uses high-grade anchovies (ikan bilis), onions and less oil together with other ingredients. The spiciness is moderate for anybody and even children to have a good choice of sambal ikan bilis to eat with any kind of dishes.

It is easy and convenient during traveling locally or abroad for travelers or ready-to-eat food to serve homesick Malaysian staying abroad to taste local homemade sambal ikan bilis. Its packaging will maintain its freshness and non-oily will not leak any oil which can be very messy. It is Ready to Eat dish and it is the most popular Sambal Garing Chiang Rai.

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