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Cookmate Premix 200g - Chicken Rice

Cookmate Premix 200g - Chicken Rice

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easy & convenient, no artificial colours, no added presevatives

COOKMATE Chicken Rice Premix – 1x200g Chicken rice is a popular dish among the three main races of Malaysia. With the Cookmate Chicken Rice Premix, anyone can cook a delicious plate of chicken rice. Now, cooking chicken rice is made simple enough for dummies! How to Cook 1) Chicken Rice Preparation Method: – Weigh 500 g of rice and rinse well. – Add one packet (40 g) of Chicken Rice Premix, 850 ml of water and 38 ml of cooking oil. – Mix well and cook the rice. – Serve hot. 2) Steamed Chicken Preparation Method: – Clean chicken whole leg and drain out excess water. – Prepare batter (50ml water: 40g premix) – Marinate chicken with the prepared batter for 4 hours. – Bring water to a boil and steam chicken with high fire for 15 – 20 minutes or until soft. – Garnish with green onion and it is ready to serve hot with chicken rice.


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