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Emborg Butter Salted 200g

Emborg Butter Salted 200g

  • Great quality of salted butter
  • Smooth texture
  • Clean and sharp butter taste
  • Contains 80% fat content and 1% of salt
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Brand Emborg
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Emborg Salted Butter is a solid, smooth, uniform and quality malleable butter with a clean buttery taste. It gives out a classic butter experience and texture in every recipe it is used on. The salted butter contains 80% fat content and 1% of salt.

A Brief History
Emborg was founded in 1947, starting off selling beef burgers, steaks, poultry and canned seafood. As time went by, Emborg enters the Middle Eastern and South-East Asia market as they gain more popularity. Emborg expended their range of products such as chicken franks, frozen vegetables, dairy products, and many more. Starting from 2011 and the following years, they were named Superbrand in the UAE.


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