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Food for Friends - Premium Pangasius Fillet - 1Kg

  • Boneless & skinless for convenience
  • Lightly glazed
  • Mild Flavour
  • Tender Texture
  • Mild fishy smell
  • Goes well with many recipes
  • Imported from USA
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Product Details

All for the convenience of you fishy lovers. These premium pangasius fillets comes boneless & skinless and are lightly glazed to prevent from those pesky freezer burns. 

Pangasius fillets are normally valued for its delicately mild flavour and tender texture. Made for today's consumer who prefers a fish with a more delicate taste that is easily complemented with herbs, spices, and light sauces.

Pangasius fillets can be poached, baked, broiled, steamed, sautéed or deep fried. Try serving it in soups or porridge!

*Fillets are best thawed in the fridge and cleaned using cool water. Do not re-freeze.

Always made by folks who care - Food for Friends was founded by a trio of college pals bonded by their love for art and food. Tossing their ethnic influences into a pot, they started their quest to create scrumptious foods that would invoke a sense of gastronomical adventure and foster a cosmic camaraderie that transcends any border!


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