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Kikkoman Japanese Grill Teriyaki 250ml

Kikkoman Japanese Grill Teriyaki 250ml

  • Great for BBQ
  • Suitable to Stir Fry
  • Full Bodied Flavour
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Brand Kikkoman
Product Details

If you enjoy grilled, fried or braised meat or vegetables in a savoury marinade, Kikkoman’s Teriyaki Marinade BBQ and Grill is perfect for you. Although it’s probably most popular as a barbecue marinade, it’s also a great way to jazz up fried foods. Teriyaki Marinade and BBQ Grill has a distinctive, full-bodied flavour because it is manufactured on the basis of Kikkoman’s classic soy sauce from the four pure ingredients of soy beans, wheat, water and salt.

About the brand

Kikkoman Corporation is an international food and drink company based in Japan. Its main products and services include soy sauce, food seasoning and flavoring, mirin, shōchū, and sake, juice and other beverages, pharmaceuticals, and restaurant management services. Kikkoman is the most popular brand of soy sauce in Japan and the United States.


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