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Loacker Sandwich Milk-Vanilla 200g

Loacker Sandwich Milk-Vanilla 200g

  • Perfectly crispy ‘sandwich’ wafers
  • With creamy smooth milk vanilla cream
  • Made with Planifolia Bourbon vanilla pods from Madagascar
  • Imported from Italy
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Product Details

Light, crispy wafer pleasure with real Bourbon vanilla


This mixed doubles pair is absolutely unique! The fine layer made of the smoothest milk vanilla cream filling is held by two light, crispy wafers, refined with a pinch of cocoa.


The precious Planifolia Bourbon vanilla pods from Madagascar are used exclusively to process Loacker products. They are of premium quality, without additives and known for their purity.


Just as exquisite, royal and exotic as the orchid, from whose fermented capsules the vanilla bean is extracted, is the taste of the fine Loacker vanilla cream. Together, with the light, crispy wafers, it is a highly exquisite composition.


About Loacker

 Over time, the family business founded by Alfons Loacker in 1925 has developed from a small regional confectioner to a globally known brand with products that delight people in more than 100 countries. All Loacker products are made and packaged in the heart of the Dolomites according to the highest quality standards.



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