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Meadow Fresh UHT 250ml - Strawberry

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Product Details

Product Description:
This is a Strawberry flavoured, Ultraheat treated, fat reduced, homogenised cow’s milk, packed in Tetra-Brik aseptic packaging. This product is packed under the Meadow Fresh brand, fully imported from New Zealand.

This product complies with the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code. At all stages during manufacture, despatch and distribution the product will be produced and handled according to the Goodman Fielder New Zealand Limited standard procedures currently in force.

The product is packed in 250ml aseptic packaging, 24 x 250ml per carton.

The product may be stored at ambient temperature, but cooler temperature will give enhanced product quality at the termination of stated shelf life.

Best Before Date:
360 days (12 months) from date of manufacture.


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