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Nudie Superfoods Blend 100g - Acai Berry

Wonder what Acai tastes like? It’s like eating blackberry with a hint of dark chocolate. And if that doesn’t sound amazing enough, we’ve gone and added a range of berrylicious berries, bringing you the ultimate antioxidant-rich, nutrient dense Acai Berry blend! Our berries are carefully and responsibly sourced from Central and Southern America. They are freeze-dried right after harvesting to ensure all those powerful nutrients are preserved. Now get those coconut bowls out and live your berry best, one acai bowl at a time!
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Product Details
Ingredients: 100 % Freeze Dried Acai berry, Maqui berry, Blueberry & Blackberry. -Strengthens immune system -Rich in vitamins & minerals -Reduces bad cholesterol -Boosts digestive health -Promotes healthier skin -Boosts metabolism (Slightly sweet & sourish berry taste.)

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