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Nudie Superfoods Powder 200g - Raw Cacao

Our certified organic Raw Cacao powder is made by cold-pressing unroasted cacao beans that are sustainably grown by farmers of Bali, Indonesia. Raw Cacao is a less refined version of Cocoa and is processed at low temperatures. It is then milled into powder, retaining its nutrient dense qualities, gaining it a Superfood status. So the next time you’re having that tingling chocolaty craving sensation, you now know you can go for a healthier, guilt-free alternative without having to regret your life decisions after!
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Product Details
Ingredients: 100% Raw Organic Cold Pressed Cacao (Bali, Indonesia). -Boosts energy levels -Improves your mood -Regulate cholesterol levels -Heart and brain health -High source of iron -Safe for kids (Rich earthy, nutty taste. Bittersweet)

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