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Nuts Enough Dark Chocolate Cashew 185g

Nuts Enough Dark Chocolate Cashew 185g

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One of our most delectable taste sensation, Nuts Enough has blended lightly roasted cashews with exquisite Belgian dark chocolate for a guilt-free treat that won’t take a toll on your waistline!

Rich, buttery, and velvety smooth, satisfy your next sweet tooth craving and feel good about it with Nuts Enough’s decadent Dark Chocolate Cashew spread. Vegan friendly and gluten-free, transform your next piece of toast, bowl of fruit, or favourite dessert into a gourmet treat with the deliciously lush texture of this healthy chocolate spread. Otherwise, if you’re anything like us, just grab a spoon and dive right in! 

Ingredients- Lightly Roasted Cashews, Belgian Dark Chocolate, Himalayan Pink Salt


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