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Pozila Premium Popcorn 100g - Cheese

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Product Details

Pozila Premium Popcorn in CHEESE Flavour has landed! Enjoy a snacking good time with our delicious popcorn coated in cheese goodness that’s perfect anywhere, anytime! Freshly made with 100% quality ingredients. Fastest fingers first!

It is a perfect pop of corn & well coated with premium cheese, a crunchiness that you cannot let go of!

Flavour: Cheese

Quantity: 1 Packet x 100g

✅ Imported premium quality ingredients

✅ Well coated with premium caramel

✅ No preservatives added

✅ Delicious, crunchy and fluffy for every bites

✅ Creative recipes application for coffee, ice-cream, cakes, pudding and many more

✅ Halal product


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