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CP Fried Rice 250g - Chicken Sausage

CP Fried Rice 250g - Chicken Sausage

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Ingredients: Rice, egg, chicken cocktail (contains wheat, milk protein, emulsifier (E451), color fixature (E250), antioxidant (E316) and permitted preservative (E202)), palm oil, vegetables (green peas, carrot, corn, spring onion), seasoning (permitted flavor enhancer (E621), lactose), soya sauce salt, sugar and spices (white pepper).


Allergens: Contains gluten from wheat, soya bean, milk and egg.


Cooking Instructions:
Microwave (800/ 1000watt)
Pierce film No 1, about 3 – 4holes or open a bit at top right corner of the film and heat on high heat for 3.0 – 4.0minutes.


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