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Ridsect Advance Aerosol 2 x 600ml

Ridsect Advance Aerosol 2 x 600ml

  • For Culex & Aedes mosquito
  • Improved formula
  • Kills mosquitos effectively
  • Works in hidden areas
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Product Details

Try the new and improved formula of Ridset Advance for the most effective result! Kill any hiding mosquitos in the areas that you cannot reach, and prevent them from sheltering in your house. With an easy-to-use design, you are just one press away from preventing those disease carrying mosquitos from harming your family.

A Brief History

Ridsect brand was created by a Malaya Chinese, Mr Wang, in 1955.   Ridsect first appeared as a bottle liquid insecticide to be filled into a pump spray device. This was used by mainly rural residents to solve their household insect pest issues. Since then, Ridsect is well known for its effective insecticidal capability. The success of Ridsect in the aerosol segment encouraged the brand to expand its equity to other segments like mosquito coils, mats and liquid vaporizers. By 2004, Ridsect became the leading total insecticide brand in Malaysia up till today. In 2011, Ridsect was acquired by S.C. Johnson & Son.


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