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BIGBox Asia Sahur Bundle [Combo of 2]

BIGBox Asia Sahur Bundle [Combo of 2]

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Sahur Bundle Easy to prepare, delicious, and filling, this good-value Sahur Bundle is sure to fuel your morning and get you through your Ramadan days. 1.Goodday UHT Milk 1L - Kurma 2.Sante Crunchy Bar Banana with Chocolate Coating 200gm 3.Super NutreMill 3in1 540g (30g x 18's) - Original Cereal 4.Ovaltine Malted Milk 400g 5. Sweet Home Farm - Honey Nut with Almonds (682g) Free 2 OldTown Sachets* * T&Cs apply. While stocks last.

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