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Shieldtox Aerosol 800ml x 3s - Mosquito Spray

Shieldtox Aerosol 800ml x 3s - Mosquito Spray

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Brand Shieldtox
Product Details

Directions for Use:

Off-label use is an offense.
For mosquito control in the room:
Close all doors and windows.
Switch on the lights before spraying.
Spray upwards throughout the room for about 2-3 seconds for a medium-size room of 60 m3.
Leave the room after spraying and keep the doors and windows closed for at least 10 minutes before re-entry.
Ensure the room is properly ventilated upon entering.
Safety Warning

Warning and Caution:

Avoid contact with skin or eyes.
Avoid inhalation of spray mist.
Keep away from heat or fire.
Do not spray directly on humans, food, or food containers.
This aerosol container is pressurized.
Avoid exposure of can to temperatures above 50°C (122°F) such as in-car, near the heating stove or fire flames.
Do not puncture or throw the aerosol can into the fire.
Medical Treatment: Treatment is symptomatic.
Keep away from foodstuff and children


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